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The Korean thanksgiving holiday is a time for…


rice cakes.


gift sets.

family visits.

family stress.

expanding waistlines.

…and, of course, epic traffic jams (unless you happen to live in Seoul).

Happy Chuseok!

추석 잘 보 내 새요.

Artist Resource - Dec ‘11 to Aug ‘12

These are absolutely ancient. Some I found in December 2011, some are just links I found rotting in my bookmarks. And others are things that have made the rounds on tumblr before. I don’t even know if some of these work but here you go; Maybe you’ll find them useful.

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The internet is so convenient



Source: siempre-chill

Artist Resource - November (Writing Cont’d)

I’ve learned I find good storytelling as interesting and as complex as good art. So even though I’ve basically stopped doing NaNoWriMo, I’m still including writing links. 

Asterisks (*) denote pieces I found to be particularly helpful. Basically, if you’re crunched for time and can only read a few, read the asterisks. 

News, Articles, and Essasys

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  • Freedom - Turn your internet off. Literally. [program for Mac OSX and Windows]

Artist Resource - October [Writing Edition]

What with NaNoWriMo coming up in a couple weeks, I’ve been gravitating away from the usual fair of the visual. This month, most of them are about story and writing in general. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

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Artist Resource - September

Geez, so it happened again. I probably should have known after the first time. Should this be a thing? It probably will be.

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Artist Resources and Tabs

I have a very bad habit of opening tabs and forgetting about them. Usually everything runs okay, but lately my computer can’t handle the number of tabs I keep, so I have to wean down some. It just so happens that they usually have to do with digital art or something similar, so I decided to consolidate them. 

News and Articles

Resources, Tools, and References


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